Premium lemonade "Kölsches Wasser" now also available with lemon flavor


The latest flavor of the lemonade brand "Kölsches Wasser" from Sünner is naturally cloudy and tastes like lemon. Just like all other flavors, "Kölsches Wasser" lemon comes without artificial additives and without added cane or beet sugar and is sweetened exclusively with agave syrup. The premium lemonades "Kölsches Wasser" are made from the in-house well water of the oldest Kölsch brewery in the world on the historic brewery site in Cologne Kalk.

Sünner's "Kölsches Wasser" for all tastes

The newcomer impresses with its tart freshness and fruity taste and is the ideal non-alcoholic thirst quencher on hot days. In addition to lemon , "Kölsches Wasser" is also available in pink (grapefruit), half as pink (also grapefruit but less sweet), green (woodruff) and orange (orange).

Product images of the new Sünner Cologne water range pink, orange, green, lemon

Try the wide range and find your favorite "Kölsches water"!

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