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Try our wide variety of more than 10 different beers and 14 high-quality spirits, all of which are produced in the Brauwelt Köln in Cologne-Kalk.

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The Malzmühle family

Mühlen Kölsch

Mühlen Kölsch is brewed and bottled in the traditional way by hand. Only natural raw materials of the best quality are used - barley and, to a lesser extent, wheat malt, high-quality aroma hops, well water and yeast. The combination of ingredients and the production according to an old family recipe gives our Mühlen Kölsch its typical and characteristic strong, malty and full taste.

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Mühlen Freibier

Just like the well-known Mühlen Kölsch, the MühlenFreibier is still brewed by hand by master brewer and beer sommelier Andree Vrana according to traditional craftsmanship. The naturally cloudy "Mühlen Freibier" impresses with its fruity citrus note and a round feeling on the finish. The ideal refreshment on warm summer days, after sport or as a beer alternative.

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Koch'sches Malzbier

With an alcohol content of 2.4%, Koch'sche malt beer is still one of the few genuine malt beers in Germany. Like our fresh Mühlen Kölsch, the Koch'sche malt beer is brewed according to the German Purity Law and impresses with a combination of pleasant sweetness and a characteristic hop note. The Cologne beer specialty owes its name to master brewer Hubert Koch, who founded the Hubert Koch beer and malt extract steam brewery, today's malt mill, in 1858.

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The Sünner family

Sünner Kölsch

Sünner Kölsch stands for the connection between craftsmanship, genuine Cologne tradition and way of life. The traditional brewing method in connection with open fermentation, which is only practiced in a few craft businesses, is decisive for the excellent taste of SÜNNER Kölsch. It is of course brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516.

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Sünner Spirits

As the oldest distillery in Cologne, we distil our alcohol ourselves. We only use raw materials from Cologne: wheat from Farmer Kleinschmidt in Cologne-Poll and water from our own well in Cologne-Kalk. Thanks to the greatest possible care in the manual distilling process, our spirits impress with their unique softness and subtlety in taste.

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Kölsches Wasser

Our premium lemonades and showers are bottled with the in-house well water of the oldest Kölsch brewery in the world and are made without the addition of cane or beet sugar. The lemonades convince with the sweetness of the agave syrup - honest and natural without artificial additives.

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