The imposing brewery building on Kalker Hauptstraße, which is now a listed building, is the oldest industrial building in Cologne that has retained its original function.

Since 1830 we have been brewing specialty beers in the traditional open fermentation process using our own well water. With the takeover by the brewery zur Malzmühle in 2022, Mühlen Kölsch is also brewed in Cologne-Kalk in addition to Sünner Kölsch.

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As the oldest distillery in Cologne, we distil our alcohol ourselves. We only use raw materials from Cologne: wheat from Bauer Kleinschmidt in Cologne-Poll and water from our own well in Cologne-Kalk. Thanks to the greatest possible care in the manual distilling process, our spirits impress with their unique softness and subtlety in taste.
Regional. Traditional. Consistent. 100% Cologne!

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Factory Outlet

Our Brauwelt shop with its traditional industrial charm not only invites you to purchase our handmade beers and spirits, but also impresses with Cologne's oldest steam engine. In the historic room between the distillery and the brewhouse, you will not only receive all our products, but you can also tap and personalize our high-quality spirits yourself. This is how you give your loved ones or yourself an unmistakable gift from the cathedral city.

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