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In the factory outlet you will find the largest selection of beers, spirits and lemonades from the brewery to the malt mill.

On request, we can provide chilled goods in advance. Please inquire about this by phone or email.

0221 987 99 41

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Gekühlte Partyfässer & Pittermännchen

Wir haben immer eine gewisse Anzahl an 5 l Partyfässern (Mühlen Kölsch) und 10 l Pittermännchen (Mühlen Kölsch & Sünner Kölsch) auf Lager. Rufen Sie am besten vorher an, falls Sie eine größere Menge an Fässern erwerben möchten.

Industrial charm in Cologne-Kalk


Our BRAUWELT showroom in traditional industrial charm not only invites you to purchase our handcrafted beers and spirits, but also impresses with Cologne's oldest steam engine. We offer our assortment directly for sale. In addition, you can also directly bottle and individualize spirits yourself.

Personalize your Sünner Spirits

Bottle your own spirits

In the BRAUWELT Cologne you can bottle and customize your own spirits. The following spirits are available for your own bottling: Cologne Dry Gin , Limoncello , Edelkraut , Vodka Colonia and Korn No. 1 .

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The Brauwelt showroom is located in the heart of BRAUWELT, right behind the distillery.

Kalker Hauptstrasse 260/262
51103 Cologne-Kalk

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Can't come to our factory outlet? Then take a look around our online shop and order the BRAUWELT specialties straight to your home.

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