Graduation from the BRAUWELT Academy

BRAUWELT - Diplomas

Zappes Diploma

  • Learn how to pour Kölsch properly like a Zappes pro
  • with exciting information about the everyday life of a Cologne Köbes / Zappes

Small master brewer's diploma

  • coming soon
Exclusive request

BRAUWELT DIY - Brewing workshop

"brew your own beer"

In a 5-hour workshop you will learn everything about beer from master brewer and beer sommelier Christian Wolf. From grinding to boiling the wort, we brew your own beer together. You will receive detailed information on the history of the beer, the raw materials and the brewing process.

Duration: 5h
Price: €119 p.p.


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BRAUWELT DIY - Spirits workshop

Our distillers will guide you through the exciting world of distilling schnapps and create your own spirit with you. You will learn everything about our local ingredients, botanicals and distillation processes.

coming soon

Exclusive request