Gin pink - Dry Gin No. 260 trifft Kölsches Wasser

By Johannes Hemme on Aug 01, 2023

Drink pink! Der Gin pink Longdrink ist mit seinem Farbton ein echter Hingucker und bereichert mit seinem Grapefruit-Geschmack jede Party! Zutaten: Sünner Dry Gin No. 260 Kölsches Wasser [pink] Zubereitung:...

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Vodka pink - Vodka Colonia meets Kölsches Wasser

By Johannes Hemme on Apr 27, 2023

Simple but delicious: the Vodka pink cocktail with grapefruit flavor comes with only two ingredients! An eye-catcher conjured from the Sünner Vodka Colonia. Ingredients: Sünner Vodka Colonia Kölsches Wasser...

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Navy Strength Gin Martini - Stirred, not shaken

By Johannes Hemme on Apr 06, 2023

Stirred, not shaken is the motto for this signature drink with our Sünner Navy Strength Gin with 57.3% vol. Ingredients Sünner Navy Strenght Gin Ice Olives Preparation 2cl of Sünner Navy Strenght Gin into ...

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Raspberry Gin Sour - fruity, fresh and tasty!

By Johannes Hemme on Mar 30, 2023

The perfect drink for your next summer party! Fruity and deliciously made with our Sünner Dry Gin No. 260. Ingredients 5cl Sünner Dry Gin No. 260 3cl Sünner Limoncello 1cl Sugar syrup 5cl fresh lemonjuice 5...

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Cologne Dry Gin with Tonic - the Mediterranean taste of Cologne

By Johannes Hemme on Mar 23, 2023

Our favorite gin and tonic with the Taste of Cologne: Sünner Cologne Dry Gin. The Mediterranean rosemary note makes it the ideal summer drink. Ingredients: Sünner Cologne Dry Gin Mediterranean Tonic Wa...

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Limoncello Spritz - It's spritz season

By Johannes Hemme on Mar 22, 2023

Dolce vita op Kölsch and at home! Enjoy summer with a fresh and tasty Limoncello spritz made with our very own Sünner Limoncello from Cologne. Ingredients Sünner Limoncello Prosecco Grapefruit Rosemary Ice ...

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Christmas recipe ideas with our Sünner Spirits

By Johannes Hemme on Nov 23, 2022

Get into the Christmas spirit with these recipes. Try the glühmoncello or glühgin with our Sünner spirits. Ideal, for example, as an aperitif on the Christmas holidays. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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