Sünner Spirits triumph at the World Gin Award 2024: Gold and bronze go to Cologne-Kalk

Sünner-Spirits-triumphieren-beim-World-Gin-Award-2024-Gold-und-Bronze-gehen-nach-Köln-Kalk Brauwelt Köln

At the renowned World Gin Award 2024, two gins from the Cologne distillery Sünner were honored in London. At the blind tasting in the “Classic Gin” category in Germany, the Sünner Gin No. 260 won the gold medal, while the Sünner Cologne Dry Gin impressively achieved bronze. After both spirits have prevailed against a large number of national competitors, the next step will be to compete against international competition. Whether there is enough for a place on the podium globally will be announced on February 22nd at the official award ceremony in London.

When the secret ingredient is love

The creative minds behind the gins are Martin and Samantha Sittkus. Both met at the distillery - he as a master brewer and she as a distiller at the Sünner brewery and distillery. The wedding took place in BRAUWELT Cologne in 2022. On the occasion of their success, both said: "It fills us with pride that our love of craftsmanship and our dedication to high-quality raw materials from the region are recognized by this prestigious award in the "Classic Gin" category. Our gins are the result of passion , experience and a constant pursuit of perfection."

Sünner relies on regionality

The award-winning gins are characterized not only by their rankings, but above all by their unique taste. In its unchanged composition, the Sünner Gin No. 260 is one of the oldest gins in Germany and has always been a real classic. The distillery is the oldest in Cologne, distilling its own alcohol and relying exclusively on high-quality raw materials from the region. The wheat comes from farmer Kleinschmidt from Cologne-Poll and the water flows directly from the in-house well in Cologne-Kalk. The craftsmanship in the distillation process gives the Sünner Spirits an incomparable softness and subtlety in taste.

Sünner Gin No. 260 - World Gin Award Gold

Tradition meets innovation

BRAUWELT Cologne and Sünner Spirits represent a combination of tradition and innovation, which is impressively underlined by the recent successes at the World Gin Award. Further information and the opportunity to purchase the award-winning gins can be found on the official website, social media or directly on site at the factory outlet.

Sünner Cologne Dry Gin Bronze World Gin Award



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