4711 Remix x Kölsches Wasser - An unexpectedly sparkling cooperation between two top Cologne brands

4711 Remix x Kölsches Wasser - Eine unerwartet spritzige Kooperation zweier Kölner Topmarken Brauwelt Köln

Kölscher Klüngel - This summer, what belongs together finally comes together!

It's actually obvious, and yet it's more than just a name: 4711 & Kölsches Wasser now combine the feeling of a carefree summer full of sparkling adventures in THE city with a K! The start of this extraordinary collaboration is marked by the lemon and grapefruit-flavored sodas. Inspired by the scents of the Remix series, the two varieties of Kölsches Wasser now come in the colorful 4711 Remix design.

And there's a fragrant surprise: By scanning the QR code on the back of the bottle, you can get a crazy 11% discount on the matching 4711 REMIX summer fragrance at 4711.com! The limited bottles will be available from June 2023 in the Kölsches Wasser crates in retail stores in and around Cologne.


4711 Remix knows what moves the younger generation and proves it annually with sparkling unisex summer fragrances! The 4711 Remix fragrance series surprises not only with exciting scent worlds that leave you wanting more, but it's also the lifestyle of 4711 Remix that convinces the target audience: the fruity-fresh Remix fragrances are loud, unconventional, and ready for any adventure! This is reflected in its success: The placement as the "Top 1 novelty in the mass market"* for several years in a row shows that 4711 Remix truly captures the spirit of the times! So, what could be a better fit for summer sodas than a sparkling lifestyle with an extra burst of freshness? *Source: IRI Handelspanel 2021, Sell-out, global revenue development since 2018; average revenue in the first three months after each launch.

Natural, refreshing premium lemonade in 4711 Remix design!

Just like the 4711 Remix fragrances, Kölsches Wasser sodas are pure good vibes in a bottle: made from natural ingredients and without artificial additives, filled with the house's own well water from the oldest Kölsch brewery in the world – "remixed" in colorful 4711 design this summer! Now, you just have to decide: Which soda will be your fruity and non-alcoholic thirst quencher on hot days? Will it be the zesty lemon kick from the "Urban Summer" fragrance or the fruity grapefruit from the "Exotic Paradise" fragrance? Why not try both and discover your favorite!

Two of the oldest Cologne top brands – it's a match!

Looking back at the origins of both brands, the Kölscher Klüngel reveals some similarities: Both 4711 and Sünner Brewery have significantly contributed to Cologne's history and continue to play a major role today. The fragrance house in Cologne's Glockengasse, with the memorable house number 4711, became the birthplace of 4711 in 1792, setting a global milestone for Eaux de Cologne! Today, the brand captivates with innovative collaboration concepts with boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and is a modern part of Cologne's life. Sünner, whose brewery in Cologne-Kalk is the oldest in the world, first served a Kölsch over the counter in 1918 – today, Sünner is also on everyone's lips with its non-alcoholic soda "Kölsches Wasser"! With the creation of the Brauwelt, this exciting place impresses with deep insights into the fascinating craftsmanship of brewing and offers innovative event concepts. Full of inspiration, 4711 Remix and Kölsches Wasser continue their brand stories in a modern way and have found each other as a perfect match. The collaborating partners are excited to start the Cologne summer together – with matching fragrances and drinks!

711 Remix x Kölsches Wasser – available in supermarkets in the Cologne region starting from early June 2023.

For more information, visit https://www.4711.com/remix-x-koelsches-wasser, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/houseof4711, and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/4711. #4711Remix

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