Sünner Kölsch - the oldest Kölsch brand is reinventing itself

Sünner Kölsch - die älteste Kölsch-Marke erfindet sich neu Brauwelt Köln
The oldest Kölsch brewery Sünner will introduce the new Sünner Kölsch in retail and gastronomy on July 1st, 2022. Not only was the recipe further developed , but the entire brand identity was redesigned.

Revised recipe and new brand identity

With the cheeky slogan "Sünner dir einen!" (engl. "Have a Sünner!") and the trendy small Euro bottle, the brand has become much younger. The new logo appears in a retro design, just like the labels and the bottle caps, which have a high level of recognition thanks to their bright colors.

What hasn't changed is the artisanal brewing process. The new Sünner Kölsch is still brewed by hand according to traditional craftsmanship. "We have succeeded in brewing a Kölsch that, with its revised recipe, stands out with its fresh and full-bodied taste," says Martin Sittkus, Sünner master brewer, describing the latest product. "In addition, the new Sünner Kölsch impresses with its tangy note and is therefore now an excellent fit for summer."

In the course of the extensive brand relaunch, all Sünner beers will gradually appear in the new guise. Managing director Dr. Michael Rosenbaum is convinced of the new Sünner Kölsch: "The new Kölsch recipe tastes great! In addition, we can expand the target group with our new bottle design and also appeal to younger people with the oldest Kölsch.” In addition, beer lovers can look forward to new varieties, because Sünner still has a lot in stock.

The new brand identity is accompanied by a major campaign on all social media channels, such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

In stores now

The Kölsch is available in the trendy Euro bottle in a crate (24 x 0.33 l), as a barrel (10 l / 20 l / 30 l / 50 l) and soon also in the practical six-pack in stores.

A bottle of Sünner Kölsch in front of the new Sünner beer crate

After the Sünner brewery was taken over by the Malzmühle in January 2022, the oldest (1830) and the second oldest (1858) Kölsch brewery now belong to one family and brew their beers together under the same roof.

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